Friendship Force International

Building Global Goodwill Through Personal Friendship

The headquarters office of FFI (Friendship Force International) is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The work of the central office staff is supplemented by additional part time staff in Atlanta and in other locations. The staff members are listed below with brief biographies as well as their main job responsibility and how to contact them.

Jeremi Snook

President and CEO

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Jeremi Snook grew up in rural New Hampshire in the extreme northeastern part of the United States.  Eager to explore the country, Jeremi broke free from his deep New England roots to attend the University of Florida from which he began his career working in nonprofit organizational development. 

Prior to joining Friendship Force in November 2015, Jeremi has worked successfully with organizations to enhance their mission through innovation and operational efficiency.  Jeremi’s work includes the United Way of Central Carolinas and the Uptown Emergency Shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina.  In 2008, he took a short break from the nonprofit sector to help start a medical manufacturing company that earned him and his partner the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies award. Most recently, Jeremi served as Chief Operating Officer with Spaulding Youth Center, a leading community-based provider of educational services for children with neurological or behavioral challenges in Northfield, New Hampshire, USA.

With a love for travel, he enjoys exploring different cultures and has a personal appreciation for the impact these experiences can have on an individual’s view of the world. Jeremi is excited to have found the Friendship Force with a mission to encourage others in these very same experiences.

Jeremi holds a Masters in Business Administration from Queens University of Charlotte and resides in Athens, Georgia, with his life-partner Sherry, and their two sons.


Elena McCarty

Program Manager for Russia and Eastern Europe

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Elena McCarty was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. When she was 10 years old, she fell in love with the English language while reading the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – especially the novels featuring Sherlock Holmes. She says her life path was decided the moment she discovered the famous detective: she attended the English magnet school and Moscow University of Foreign Languages, and she worked as an English teacher, as an Intourist interpreter for Greek- and English-speaking visitors, and as an English instructor in college. During the tumultuous years of the fall of the Soviet Union, she was hired to interpret and later to work in Sales and Marketing in the first Soviet-American joint venture in the hotel business. “I felt like a character in an adventure book.”  This undertaking was fascinating for Elena, as well as for other people working there, both Russian and American. One of the latter became her husband, resulting in Elena’s relocation to the United States in 1993.

Elena loves to explore and learn new things.  This desire for knowledge took Elena back to school in the Twin Cities, where she got her MBA in marketing.

Aside from studying she enjoys knitting, sewing, cooking, and playing golf. Her favorite pass time is to curl up with a book and one of her two black cats.