Сила Дружбы Королёва - Korolev Friendship Force

Building Global Goodwill Through Personal Friendship

Official club name: The Friendship Force of Korolev

Closest major airport: Sheremetyevo (SVO)

Cost of transportation between the airport and our city (based on 20 people): $35 per person. The price may vary depending on the number of people in the group.

Maximum number of Ambassadors our club can host: 25

About the club: The Friendship Force of Korolev was founded in 1996. The club includes approximately 40 members, aged from 23 to 60 years old. We have two incoming exchanges and one or two outbound exchanges each year. The most preferable time for hosting is the second half of May and early June or the first half of September, which is due to the weather conditions.

About the region: Our city is located in 20 minutes drive north-east from Moscow. Korolev, named after Sergei Korolev, the founder of Russian space industry, is famous for its space exploration facilities, including the mission control center. The population of our city, founded in 1938, is over 183,000 people. The area was a place of elite dachas in late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many famous people, such as Konstantin Stanislavsky, Anton Chekhov, Valery Bryusov, Boris Pasternak, Anna Akhmatova, Isaac Levitan, Pavel Tretyakov, Marina Tsvetaeva and Vladimir Lenin used to live here.

About a typical exchange: Our primary emphasis is on both making friends and sharing our culture. All the club members are very hospitable people, who welcome their guests with all their heart. Our programs are being compiled individually, considering the interests of the ambassadors. As the program is very intensive, some of the events are for extra fee, which is to be agreed upon with visiting clubs. For our guests we can arrange very special excursions to space exploration facilities, such as the Star City, where Russian cosmonauts live and train. As our city is adjacent to Moscow, two days are usually spent in Moscow. We normally take our guests to Kremlin and to the Red Square and arrange a bus sightseeing tour for them. In addition, we organize a tour to the ancient Russian city of Pereslavl-Zalessky to acquaint the ambassadors with our folk traditions. The other excursion is the city and monastery of Sergiyev Posad, the center of Russian Orthodox culture. During the exchange each family will treat its guests to the most delicious and special dishes of Russian national cuisine.

Club Website: http://friendshipforcerussia.org/?q=Friendship%20Force%20of%20Korolev



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