Сила Дружбы Москвы / Moscow Friendship Force

Building Global Goodwill Through Personal Friendship

Official club name: The Friendship Force of Moscow

Closest major airport(s): Sheremetyevo II , located about 30 km. from Moscow. The transportation between the airport and our city by bus. Hosts meet their guests in the center of Moscow in the Friendship House.

Cost of transportation between the airport and our city: it depends on number of people in the group. For a group of 20 people and more the price will be about 10 $ per person.

The maximum number of Ambassadors our club can host: 30

About the club: The Friendship Force of Moscow was founded in June 1991- it is the first club in Russia. We have approximately 250 members including families and single people. Their age is from 20 to 79 years old.

About the region: From time immemorial Moscow has been famous for its friendliness and hospitality. Our city warmly and sincerely welcomes all those who are interested in our history and recent achievements. The rich history of Moscow is strongly connected with history of our country, of great Russian people. Since 15th century, when Moscow has become a capital, it had always remained a historical center of Russia, which concentrated industry, commerce and national culture. The city has always been the guardian of national traditions in everything: in peculiarities of Moscow's architecture, in great number of historical monuments, in everyday life, customs, traditions, lifestyle and hospitality of Moscovites. Whereas Moscow is a city with a multimillion population, it preserves its peculiarities carefully. During the last 3 years Moscow has changed dramatically, in has renewed. Our ancient city has been created by many generations. Lot's of its most valuable buildings are monuments of national culture, which have become symbols of the capital and which are dear to every Russian. We welcome everyone, who would like to enjoy Moscow's beauty and appreciate our most important treasure - our people: their world famous hospitality, warmth, friendliness, reliability and open-heartedness.

About the exchange: The Friendship Force club of Moscow invites you to visit our beautiful capital. Moscow club is doing it's best to show our guests the most interesting ones. You will have bus tour around the city, visit beautiful and ancient ensemble of Moscow Kremlin. You will see the Red Square, the world famous Cathedral of Vassily the Blessed (St Basil's Cathedral), Armory Chamber with it's rich collection of treasures. The Moscow Metro is not the oldest in the world, however it's architectural style and wide range of design of stations deserve the name of the "Underground palace". Our guests usually visit Novodevichy Convent one of the most beautiful and delicate convents in Moscow. One of the biggest museums in Russia, the largest collection of Russian art; Sergiev Passad - town about 70 miles away from Moscow-center of Russian Orthodox Church with complex of ancient Cathedrals (15th century), Theological academy and seminary.

The Friendship Force Russia Logo:

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