Сила Дружбы Санкт-Петербурга / Saint-Petersburg Friendship Force

Building Global Goodwill Through Personal Friendship

Official club name: The Friendship Force of St. Petersburg

Date Founded:1/26/1995 Members: 8

Closest major airport: Pulkovo 1 (domestic flights) Pulkovo 2 (International flights)

Cost of transportation between the airport and our city (based on 20 people): by bus: $ 5 (20 km) by taxi: $50 by private car, if Hosts meet the Ambassadors at the airport: no charge

The maximum number of Ambassadors our club can host: 75 people. That means 3 or 4 inbound and 2 outbound exchanges per year

About the club: Our club was formed in 1991 and has been active since then. Our membership is 76.The Club is formed of doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers. In the last years we have attracted many students from different colleges and Universities of St.Petersburg, They are very good hosts. The average age of our members is 40 years old. All of them are kind, warm, hospitable and friendly. Unfortunately, the retired people can't participate in our activities because they have a very low pension. This circumstance influences the specific reception which we have in our Club - when the hosts are working or studying during the working day, the ambassadors have a very intensive itinerary and are accompanied by the licensed guide. They feel themselves as tourists of five stars hotel. In the afternoon, the hosts come to pick up their *children* and arrange an individual program for them.

About the region: St. Petersburg is a large city with the population of 4.5 million habitants. It's a former capital of Russia. Our city was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great. This year we celebrated the 300 anniversary of St.Petersburg. The Presidents and high official leaders of 45 countries came for this celebration. We are proud of our city, its history, culture, architecture and its people!

About our exchange program: The ordinary itinerary includes a city tour (St.Isaak's Cathedral, Peter's & Paul's Fortrees, Church Savior-on the Blood, Kazansky Cathedral, The Bronze Horser, and the other places of interest); a boat excursion on the Neva river to take wonderful panorama pictures of St.Petersburg from the water. We visit the memorial to the victims of the city siege during the second world war when 600, 000 citizens of Leningrad (St.Petersburg) died without food, water and heating. You will see the splendid Summer Palace in Petrodvorets and famous fountains; we will show you Konstantinovsky palace, the great creation of the 18th century; the Palace of Catherine and its famous amber room; finally you will visit Hermitage, a storage of world valued treasures. We invite you to taste the Russian meals in our restaurants (Podvorje, Admiralteysky, Bread & Salt) and in the evening you can relax in NikolaevskyPalace, dancing with the Cossacks and folk Russian group. If you are interested in classical music, we suggest that you visit the Phylharmonic society well-known in the world under the name of Temirkanov ( a conductor of the symphonic orchestra) or attend the ballet of Maryinsky Opera and Ballet House. This theater gave the world such dancers as Nuriev, Baryshnikov, and Anna Pavlova. The host families will show you the outskirts of St.Petersburg, and you can walk on the beach of the FinlandGulf. If you are interested in charitable missions, we have a special program: Warm Hearts. Our Club takes care of 3 children's houses for 5 years. It's a great thing to help the orphans and find new little friends. It's joy, smiles, tears, mutual gifts and a deep consciousness that God blessed you to warm the kid's heart. We are waiting for you in St. Petersburg!

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