Building Global Goodwill Through Personal Friendship

Greetings from Friendship Force International

Dear members of the Moscow Friendship Force Club! Once again, we cordially congratulate you on your Club’s anniversary! We were happy to meet you all in person, as well as members of the other clubs, who came to celebrate this event with you. Thank you for your hard work and for this well-planned celebration! We greatly enjoyed the lively entertainment and the creativity of your members. And our special thanks to Natalia Guskova, the President of the Moscow Club! Her energy, hard work and optimism are admirable. We appreciate her help in the creation of the new clubs in Russia and her invaluable assistance to the less experienced ones. We wish your Club further success in the honorable course of strengthening friendship among the peoples of the world! With best wishes and in friendship, George Brown, President, Friendship Force International and Elena McCarty,Program Services Coordinator, Friendship Force International

Happy Anniversary from Montreal !

To all members of the Friendship Force of Moscow: Dear friends, This year is the 20th anniversary of your club. The board of directors of La Force de l’Amitié de Montréal wishes you an active and fruitful year for this event. Our members have created friendship ties with many of your members when our club hosted your club in 2010. The stay hosts and all the members that participated in the success of the exchange say to you: Happy Anniversary!

President of La Force de l’Amitié de Montréal Robert Rhéaume


The theme for this year's GYI program is "Diplomacy and Dialogue: Successes, Failures, and  Consequences." How do different societies deliberate and make decisions? How is conflict  resolved between the majority and minority interests within a local, national, or international  political structure? What are the goals and values that guide the decision making process? How should leaders measure the success of their negotiations? You and students from the same  country are expected to prepare a 45-55 minute presentation for the Institute. You may select  from the following topics and questions to guide your research and development of your presentation. We encourage students to be creative and original in the type of format used to present information about their country.



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